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Working with report parameters

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Working with report parameters



I implemented a jsp report, which will use several report parameters. Therefore I added a report parameter call "Country", which is bases on a SQL drop down list. In the following you will see the SQL statement. To match the requirements of PPM, you have to specify a hidden and a visible parameter.


SELECT DISTINCT country_code, country
 WHERE enabled_flag = 'Y'
   AND (   UPPER(country) LIKE UPPER('%?%')
        OR UPPER(country_code) LIKE UPPER('%?%'))
ORDER BY country


At my jsp file, I created a if statement, which become true if the parameter is filled.


<c:if test="${!empty P_COMPANY}">
AND rhd.parameter4 = '<rpt:out value="${P_COMPANY}" />'


For a better usability, i want to display the filter of the parameter at the output file. And if I use the following syntax, the system didn't show the value.


  <c:if test="${not empty P_COMPANY}">
<c:out value="Company: ${P_COMPANY}" />;


I suggest, it's because the hidden and visible value of the drop down list. So, is there a way to call the visible_value of the report parameter P_COMPANY? Using VP_COMPANY didn't work too.


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Re: Working with report parameters



In the custom JSPs that I've worked on, I've only ever put the V in front of the parameter name to get the visible value.  It's worked for me in the past.  Here's a snippet from one of the reports I did a couple of years ago:


<c:if test="${not empty P_IMP_ORG}">
  <td><div align="right" class="params1">Implementing Organization: </div></td>
  <td><c:out value="${VP_IMP_ORG}" /></td>