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Workflow Step reads "Eligible"

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Katy Cabral
Regular Collector

Workflow Step reads "Eligible"


i have a workflow that will not move its request to the next step. when i pull a graphical view of the workflow, the step it is stuck on is yellow, and reads "Eligible" but it never completes the step.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Re: Workflow Step reads "Eligible"

Hi Kathy,
Can you attach screen shots of your step source, request etc.,so that it will provide more insight.
Occasional Contributor

Re: Workflow Step reads "Eligible"

Hi Katy,

If this is a decision step , please check the security of that step.

If the security is user-defined token based , then :
1> Check that the token has correct value.

2> Check that the correct "security Type" is selected , which matches with the value of the token (few times I have made a mistake of selecting userid , when the value stored in the token was username).

If this is an execution step then :
1> Check the step source , if it is set to manual and who is eligible to act upon it.

2> Check the transaction details for any possible error at this step.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards.

Re: Workflow Step reads "Eligible"

Hi Katy,

did you do some changes to the validation of the workflow step?
If you changed some hidden value of the workflow step validation and you use this as a transition in the workflow, you have to reselect the result value of the transition.
This is because on clicking an action in request PPM matches the hidden value of the validation against the transitions.
If you changed it after drawing the transition in workflow, PPM can't match it.

Kind regards,
Katy Cabral
Regular Collector

Re: Workflow Step reads "Eligible"

Thanks Everyone! Somehow my execution step was set to manual in error!
Katy Cabral
Regular Collector

Re: Workflow Step reads "Eligible"

The solution to this issue was to switch the execution from manual to immediate.
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Re: Workflow Step reads "Eligible"


How to change the execution step from manual to immediate? It seems I have the same issue.

One of our user is unable to proceed as he is cannot see any "Available Acitons" to proceed. Ideally there should have been following 3 options for him:
Complete or Rework or Cancle

[Attaching the snap showing no action steps for that user]

Please help!

Thanks is advance

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event