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Workflow Integration

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Workflow Integration

I have created a IT development workflow in workbench... is it possible to integrate this workflow to project management? 


intention is, so that i can integrate resources (resource, costing, scheduling, etc)


is it the right way to do it?  i'm new to PPM and has not fully tuned with how the 'Whole' HP PPM modules work...

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Re: Workflow Integration



Are you using PFM project request type with your custom workflow or you have created a new request type with this workflow ?


In case you are using PFM- Project, you need to align this workflow with the request type which you can do by setting up a rule in the request type for default workflow.


In the other case, if you have created your own request type other than PFM Project, then you have to change the settings in the Project Types.

Search for the Project Type you want to align with this worklfow. Then from the left menu, select request type. In the field 'Project Process Request Type' , put the name of request type and thats it.

All the projects (of this project type) will follow this request type /workflow.




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Re: Workflow Integration

Hi lesterL,

In PPM approach, generally, there are two kind of work type. Projects and Small Works. Projects are design with PFM-Project, Small Works are design with only Request. In addition to that you can grade Projects as (example) Big projects, Small Projects. But still you must use PFM-Project in design.

If I were you first I separate work types. For example, If a work is executing as project you must create PFM-Project. So, there is no jargon as "integrate a workflow to project management"

Is it clear?


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Re: Workflow Integration

Hi LesterL,


You can integrate any workflow with the existing Project Management workflow, but to achive the same you need to midify the Project Management workflow.


To integrate, there are serveral options available with-in the tool.

Utkarsh Mishra

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