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Work Plan Portlet - changing the default view

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Work Plan Portlet - changing the default view



The work plan portlet, by default, displays the timeline in months. You can set the display to be otherwise?

Set timeline display (month, quarter, year etc ...)




Re: Work Plan Portlet - changing the default view



On 9.32.0002, on "Work Plan" portlet, there is only one option located in project settings : # lines to display.


You can try to configure project overview and set a wide display for "Work Plan" portlet.

We have observed some disperancies depending of user's web browser. Try to open the same project summary page with IE9 and Firefox.

We did not consider this portlet as "reliable" and we don't have any alternative.

Even "Gantt Portlet" has unacceptable issues (the task order didn't work well if you filter results by date or weeks).


There is a trick to display Gantt Portlet in project overview, but this is not supported and this is not designed to be used inside Project Summary page. (the trick is the following :

  1. go to portlet definition search page,
  2. search "Project Gantt", then open it
  3. click on "copy" and on the new portlet definition add category "Project Overview", then save.
  4. You can add yout new portlet definition to any Project overview.

This trick works also with "Request List" "Pie chart" "Bar chart"...

But be careful : lots of side-effects




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//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event