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When [...] is not a token.

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When [...] is not a token.



I want to use the string containing  '[^,]+' in sql request type rule but the system interprets it as a token and doesn't allow me to save the rule...

How to spell (what simbol to add before "[" maybe) to mark that it's not a token?



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Re: When [...] is not a token.

Hello AlekseyG,



Actually there are other users that reported similar issues in the past with strings that works in SQLTools but not in PPM.

There is a ER created for this issue, but the status is deferred


In PPM SQL this is treated as [^#@' || '#] is a Token, there should be way to treat is as string




I will search a little more in order to find if there a way to run these sql in PPM without confusing with a token.



Natalia Rojas.



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Re: When [...] is not a token.

Are you trying to use Oracle regexp_substr ?


There are other ways to achive same functionality...

Utkarsh Mishra

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Re: When [...] is not a token.

Hello Utkarsh Mishra!


It would be great if you helped me to find the way.


I have two comma-separated strings:

'1,2,3', '4,5,6'

And want to split it into several rows and two columns:


1  4

2  5

3  6