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When To Use Envt Groups

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When To Use Envt Groups


I wanted to know when would one create Envt groups and not design this as multiple Envts in he workflow.

Is this the best approach to follow for Cluster Envts/ Load Balancing Envts.

Raj Ghimire
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Re: When To Use Envt Groups

We have been using Env Gorups for our migrations for a while. This may be not useful for all but this is particularly useful when you have to migrate same codes (files) to multiple servers at the same time where you can just list the Env group as the destination and ITG will try to migrate the Codes to all the environments in that Env Group. We recently are using env groups for our load balancing environments as well and it seems to be working pretty well but I am not sure if that is the best approach or not. You probably may want to raise that question with HP Support... Although I am not sure how long they might take to answer your Deployment Mgmt question though.... we don't have very good experiences with HP's Deployment Mgmt Support over the years :-(
Jim Esler
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Re: When To Use Envt Groups

We use a single workflow for all of a project's Object Types and place all of the environments for a deploy step into an environment group. Each OT has conditions defined to execute its commands only on those environments that have an appcode record supported by that OT.

We have also used environment groups on request workflow steps when the commands are to be executed on multiple servers. This works fine though recovery is a bit of a hassle if the commands fail on one or more servers.
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Re: When To Use Envt Groups

Hi Raj,


We are trying to implement the environment group for migrating files to multiple servers. I have created a environment group with having two environments. I am unable to find any token/command related to it for using. As you have used it recently successfully, can you provide some guidance on the same. I too have to migrate files to multiple server. Your inputs would be really helpful.



Sameet Kumar Patro

Jason Nichols K
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Re: When To Use Envt Groups


There aren't any Environment Group tokens. You would use the tokens of the base Environments, e.g. [DEST_ENV.SERVER_BASE_PATH]. When PPM is processing an OT or Request Execution, it processes each of the environments individually (whether in parallel or serial), so the ENV tokens will be used when building your commands.
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Re: When To Use Envt Groups

We have used Environment Groups in the past.

For example, when we upgraded Oracle from 10g to 11g, we wanted to continue to deploy to the 10g environments as well for a time as they were cutting users over little by little into the 11g environment.

So we used a group of 2 environments to both push changes identically to both and to clean up backup files after deployment was approved.

The only issue we ran into was that we had to force the deployments to run linearly (i.e. one after the other) so that the 2 deployments did not step on each other in the process because they were both executing from the same staging location.  One would finish and try to clean up staging before the other could complete.

The change from concurrent deployments to linear resolved that.

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