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What makes a PPMS system unsupported by HP

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What makes a PPMS system unsupported by HP

I am doing a review of a PPMC implementation and have been informed that HP will not support the system because of non out-of-the-box functionality.

I have found 2 portlets that are built on Custom Views, which I am sure would not be supported but is there anything else that might also be a problem that is harder to spot (a GOTCHA so to speak).


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Re: What makes a PPMS system unsupported by HP



As far as  understand from HP, they are not supporting the fixing of issues due to your custom configuration. This issue came up back when PPM was not supported if hosted on VMWare, and they stated: in the event that it is decided that the issue is due to the virtualization, then it is the responsibility of the customer to reproduce the issue in a supported environment.


On the other hand, implementers sometimes implement a lot of custom configuration in order to overcome lack of functionalities in the product, as well as slow response (hopefully it will be improved) to ERs. If all the customers would stick to PPM OOTB functionalities, many of them would choose a different PPM solution.


Hope the above helps.




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Re: What makes a PPMS system unsupported by HP

Ok, thanks very much for the reply. I can confirm the question is not based around VMWare.


I guess the question is, what counts as a 'custom configuration'. I have been told by my client:

HP has it built-in script that anything outside of ‘out of the box functionality’ will not be supported by HP. Whenever I do a WebEx they are very quick to say that something is not supported



I am trying to determine if, with the upgrade from V8 to V9, what we would need to remove to move back into a supported position. I need to be able to say is it just the things I have highlighted or is there anything else that would be OOTB.

I know this is hard to answer without access to the system but if anyone know what the script checks for (or how I can find it out) that would be really helpful.

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Re: What makes a PPMS system unsupported by HP

HP Support do not support or recommend perform any direct customization on the PPM database or out-of-the-box functionalities.

If any problems is being encountered at some point in the future related to the customization made, which will not have occurred on any other customer´s system, and which cannot be reproduced on Support and R&D test systems that have not been customized by unsupported data changes, then HP will limited to provide you support for the specific issue.

You can still made customization, and HP will continue providing you support as normal, however if any issue is reported that may be related to the customization, the first step from support will be disable/remove the customization to make sure it is not the cause of the problem.

You may wish to contact the customization experts at the Professional Services Organization (PSO)
(they will provide you support for any customization made by them)