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Web Services with SiteMinder and HTTPS

Srujan Gudisa
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Web Services with SiteMinder and HTTPS

Hi All,

We are on PPM 8.01.

We have a requirement where we should use web services to update financial summaries, but the web services should go through SiteMinder authentication and we have a HTTPS setup also.

I am little confused with the documentation, please help me.

The page 385 of web services programmers document shows
public Subject login() {
LoginContext lc = null;
lc = new LoginContext(
" MyCustomModule ",
return lc.getSubject();

In the above code, what is "myCallbackHandler"?

And in same page, the following code, there is a "ssoToken". What is the input that I can give to "ssoToken" variable?

public void setSSOCookie(Stub stub, String ssoToken) {
List headers = new ArrayList();
//Set the required session variable for SSO system
Header header = new Header(
"SMSESSION=" + ssoToken
ServiceClient client = stub._getServiceClient();
Options option = client.getOptions();

Can you please suggest with these points?

If you have implemented any web services with SSO, can you please share the code with me, it will be a great help.

Thank you,