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Web Services Adding a Region by Name


Web Services Adding a Region by Name

When adding a Region to a newly created Resource Pool via web services, you can reference the region by Name or by ID.  When referencing the Region by name, I am getting the following error.


"Internal error has occurred while calling PPM Web Service. Contact PPM Center support with the detailed information if the problem persists. (KNTA-11186) Details: Non digit data was set for number field. Original exception message: For input string: "" "


My code is below:


Dim Region As New PPM_ResourceService.RegionReference = "America"


ResourcePool.region = Region


As you can see, I'm not referencing a number field.  The name should be a string field.  Is there a way to query the ID by the name and I can just do that.  I'm using DotNet and not Java in this case.