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WF Notification Issue

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WF Notification Issue

Hi All,



We have a workflow notification where the tinmeout is dynamic based on the calculated number of days. The value isw stored in a token which is then used in the Timeout configuration in a workflow.

We noticed that when the calculated number of days is 0, the notification is sent every 15 minutes.

Is this an expected behaviour?


Is there a possible work-around?





Raj Ghimire
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Re: WF Notification Issue

I would think that if the Notification is not Set as "immediate" that is probably kind of expected as scehdule service probably need to run to see if there are any notifications ready to be sent out.  Although we used it a "few" years back and had similar experience, We currently don't use such dynamic timeout functionality so not sure if that has somehow changed.  But with dynamic tokens, I would think that would be normal as any kind of schedule sevice are only set up to run only in somekind of intervals. You should be able to change that interval to run more frequently , but I would recommend Not to as it could result load performance issues.....


Again, please contact HP Support for more details on this behavior to see if they can suggest you any better suggestions.




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Re: WF Notification Issue

Hi Catherine,


We also faced an issue with timeout notifcations.

If you are calculating the no of days in a function then you can use a procedure to send the notification depending on the condition. That'd be better and correct.



Mohit Agrawal





Jim Esler
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Re: WF Notification Issue

We calculate timeouts and store the delay time in fields in many of our processes. We never have a zero value for the timer, though. Maybe PPM has problems handling a zero timer value. The 15 minute interval you are seeing is probably associated with the Workflow Timeout Reaper service's interval which by default is 15 minutes. This service detects step timeouts. I would suggest you change your timeout to be based on hours or minutes and always have a value greater than zero. Just multiply the number of days you want by 24 then add 1.


One additional question: does this workflow step have a transition defined for Timeout?