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Vivit Ohio, USA Regional Technical Round Table, November, 2010

Tonya Scherba
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Vivit Ohio, USA Regional Technical Round Table, November, 2010

Attention customers located in and around Columbus, Ohio - please see this message from Vivit re: meeting to cover QC, PPM, SM. Contact directly with any questions.


Ohio Vivit members,


We are planning a Technical Round table discussion on your behalf in the Columbus area, November 18,2010 at the Four Seasons Columbus or (old Red Roof HQ) . Survey after survey tell us we need to provide more networking related events.  Well here it is.   This event will be a happy hour setting from 4pm to 7pm  with a focus on end user to end user discussions about the HP Software tools relevant to you.  


Topics of interest so far.


1.       Quality Center (how companies organize their test assets in QC; what QC10 features are being taken advantage of; QC10 problems/resolutions), QTP (what QTP10 features being taken advantage of;     problems/resolutions)


2.       PPM and Service Manager discussions


3.       OVO8 problems & fixes/work-arounds (especially https agent related).   - OVO8 shortcuts/tips/tricks/ways to work around the antiquated interfaces


4.        Business Process Testing 10.0 – new features, QuickTest Pro 10.0 – new features and upgrade strategies, QC 10.0, BPT 10.0 and QTP 10.0 – issues, lessons learned, best practices


We will need sponsors as well to support the $1,500.00 cost for the evening.   We are hoping for at least 20 Vivit member to attend.



Please let us know how many of you would like to attend  this type of event. 


If you were interested in attending what topics would be the most interest.


So here is the two part question

1.        Will you attend

2.       What topics are of interest.