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View Access in Consultancy Requests

Gaurav Mittal
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View Access in Consultancy Requests

Hi Guys,

We need some help regarding Consultancy Requests created for projects. In CR, there is one field 'Project Name'. When you select the name of the project, a rule gets fired which automatically fills the name of ‘Project Manager’ of that project. In the rule, the dependency is set on the field 'Project Name' and 'rule event' is 'Apply on field change'. So that every time,the Project Name gets changed, the rule will be fired and ‘Project Manager’ field gets automatically populated. Now if the there is change in the 'Project Manager' of the project,the new 'Project Manager' is not reflected in the CR. Hence, if the new PM tries to open this CR, he see the error "Request XXXX is restricted".

We have tried this token[PRJ="[REQ.P.KNTA_MASTER_PROJ_REF]".PROJECT_MANAGER]in the CR request's security. But even this is not helping our cause.

Can anyone of you suggest the best possible solution so that whenever PM of a project is changed, it automatically gets updated in the CR as well and the new PM is able to see all the CR linked to that project.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Amit Trika
Erik Cole
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Re: View Access in Consultancy Requests


[PRJ="[REQ.P.KNTA_MASTER_PROJ_REF]".PROJECT_MANAGER] is the correct token for RT security. It works for us, 7.1 & 7.5. If this is not working, you might check the user's security groups & access grants.

To solve changing the PM on the form itself, if you are using 7.5 you can use a on_page_load rule to populate it with the new PM whenever someone views the CR.