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Ver 9.14 Java Console has expired Code Signing Certificate

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Ver 9.14 Java Console has expired Code Signing Certificate

Ver 9,14 Workbench startup is slow.

Java Console on Windows Server 2008 R2 shows expired Code Signing Certificate.


Hewlett-Packard Company (VeriSign Class 3 Code Signing 2009-2 CA)
Version: V3
Serial Number: [122517605167333326894514101334622316658]
Signature Algorithm: [SHA1withRSA]

Validity: [From: Sun May 23 20:00:00 EDT 2010,
                   To: Thu May 23 19:59:59 EDT 2013]


Does this certificate have a renewal ?


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Re: Ver 9.14 Java Console has expired Code Signing Certificate



There is a fix in 0006 Build that may be related. The Release Notes state:

JAR resources in JNLP files are not signed by the same certificate. (QCCR1L50450)


So try deploying the 0006 on a DEV system, clear the java/browser cache, open the Workbench again to see if this helps resolve the issue.


The other place where a certificate would be used is with RMIS. If using a certificate in the Workbench for RMIS, then this would be a certificate that was imported. Check with the machine admins. May have to follow the directions in the Install/Admin Guide to import a new Certificate (section called "Enable Secure RMI (Optional)").





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Re: Ver 9.14 Java Console has expired Code Signing Certificate

- First off this is a trivial annoyance, and not really a problem (It is simply an expired Code Signing certificate).
   Of our 2 to 3 users with PPM Admin capability we simply push past the certificate warning.
   The Workbench seems to take about 5-6 seconds longer to start. (This might not be related to the expired certificate)
- I reported my version incorrectly. I am running PPM v 9.12.
  I also administer another server system, its version ends in 14.
- Some or all of the Workbench jars were signed with this now expired certificate.
   Whether starting the workbench on the PPM App Server or a workstation computer(via a browser):
        You can start the Java console and "Remove" the HP VeriSign Class 3 Code Signing certificate.
        Now when you start the Workbench the Class 3 certificate is pushed back into the java console.
        The workbench startup looks to be deploying the public key.
- To fix this on my version, the workbench startup/deploy process needs a new version with a valid certificate.
   But again, this is a minor annoyance. I am not really concerned with it.
   I do not even see what other Admins see. I must have pressed "always trust this source".
   I am the true Admin - I do all of the configuration changes to PPM any way.
   Some people just report any anomaly.
- We intend to upgrade to PPM 9.2 in August, and I expect this issue will disappear.