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Validation "lookup_type" is Misspelled - How? And its link to User Data

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Validation "lookup_type" is Misspelled - How? And its link to User Data

I have a validation called "SCR - Configuration Types". When I create a new record in the validation, the value in the "lookup_type" column of KNTA_LOOKUPS_NLS in the database is entered as "SCR - Configuraton Types" (missing an "i" in Configuration). I found that, in the definition of the validation in KNTA_VALIDATIONS_NLS, the "validation_name" column is spelled correctly as was entered on the validation form, but the "lookup_type" column is misspelled (exactly as shown above, missing the "i"). It appears this "lookup_type" column value is what is being passed to the INSERT into KNTA_LOOKUPS_NLS when saving a new record in the workbench validation form.

In a development environment, I executed an UPDATE statement against the definition of the validation in KNTA_VALIDATIONS_NLS, correcting the spelling in "lookup_type" to match the "validation_name" and see if it would successfully save the record when I added a new one in the form. However, once I made this change, I no longer have the ability to enter User Data on the validation item, as the User Data tab became grayed out after the UPDATE statement.

So, I have a few questions, answers to which would help resolve my issue:

(1) How does the "lookup_type" column in KNTA_LOOKUPS_NLS get populated when creating a new record in a validation? Is it coming directly from "KNTA_VALIDATIONS_NLS.lookup_type" as I suspect?

(2) How would the "lookup_type" column get misspelled in KNTA_VALIDATIONS_NLS in the first place? I do not see anywhere on the validation form, other than the validation Name, that would logically get saved to this column. The values on the form are spelled correctly, so I'm trying to find out how the "lookup_type" column is populated.

(3) How can I correctly UPDATE the "lookup_type" column in KNTA_VALIDATIONS_NLS yet still maintain the User Data relationship? I appear to have lost the User Data relationship after running the UPDATE. I'm guessing there are other tables in the database that link to the "lookup_type" column, so would I need to make this change in several places? If so, what are the User Data tables (and any other tables) that also need modified?

(4) What are the watch-outs I need to keep in mind when considering direct changes to the tables listed above? Or is there a way these values can be updated through the workbench so as to avoid directly updating the database? (Note: I only did this direct update in a development environment. I did NOT do it in Production.)

Thank you.