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Validation for timesheets

shaheer sulaima
Regular Contributor.

Validation for timesheets

I am using ITG6.0.I was able to fill timesheets for some requests which are closed by selecting the checkbox "Include Closed".But in some cases I am not able to fill timesheet for closed requests even bu selecting "Include Closed".Any body let me know the reason for this???.Also,can we find this in workbench???.

Please help me withyour thoughts.

Mahen M
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Validation for timesheets

Indicates whether to include closed work items in the list of returned work items. Closed work items are:

1. Requests that are closed

2. Tasks that are complete and whose projects still allow time to be logged

3. Packages that are closed

Are you trying to include to copy a closed task? If yes check up the Project Type.

Mahendran M
shaheer sulaima
Regular Contributor.

Re: Validation for timesheets

Hi ,

I was trying to fill timesheets for a closed request.

But I am not able to see the request when filling timesheets even if "Include closed" is checked.

Could you please let me know the reason for this???
Is there a way we can check this in workbench???