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Using Generic Resources on Workplan Template/Multiple managers of Pool

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Using Generic Resources on Workplan Template/Multiple managers of Pool

Team, we have workplan templates that consist of standard tasks with Generic Resource names that are used as placeholders.  Our process is for our Project Managers to create their projects with these templates and then update the generic spots with named resources.


All our Generic Resources (ex. Developer Generic) are in a resource pool.  


When a Project Manager tries to create a project with this template, the Generic Resources on the template DO NOT come into their project workplan.


It appears this has to do with the fact that the Project manager using the template is not a manager of the Generic Resource Pool. 


Our curent process is that we allow Managers, Leads or Subject Matter Experts the capability to create projects and use these workplan templates.  This could be over 100 plus people. 


Is there any other option available that would  allow control of resources in a resource pool?  There is not an option to add a 'group' as a Manager of a pool.


We didn't know if there could be a system setting or security access that would allow for this without having to individually designate all the potential managers of the pool?


Appreciate any advice or suggestions from the group on our situation or if others have ideas on other ways to handle the use of a Generic Resource in workplans. 


Thank you!


Erik Cole
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Re: Using Generic Resources on Workplan Template/Multiple managers of Pool


Do you have the setting enabled to only allow resources on the workplan that exist on the project's staffing profile?

Since you can assign roles to tasks, what value does assigning "generic resources" give you?

HPE Expert

Re: Using Generic Resources on Workplan Template/Multiple managers of Pool

Hi Frank,


Another option (with a bit more overhead) is to put these generic resources in the Project's Staffing Profile.


Unless you ignore RM Assignment constraints (There's a parameter RM_OVERRIDE_ASSIGNMENT_CONTROLS that you can edit from the admin console to do so), then you can only use resources in the work plan that are either in the project's staffing profile or in a resource pool to which you (i.e. the project manager) is a resource pool manager.




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Re: Using Generic Resources on Workplan Template/Multiple managers of Pool


our current process does not include the use of Staffing Profiles.  I definitely know that option does help to standardize the whole resource/assignment to task process.  But our Project Management Dept. made the call to not using Profiles after determining that whole process would be too effort intensive for their department and our project managers.  (I'm only the system admin. and can only recommend the options...can't force them to take them)!


Also we have some managers (mostly on the operations side) that wanted Generic Resources directly assigned to them so they could see them in their capacity planning portlets.  This was to help them know the requested work so they could disperse out to their teams.


Putting these generic resources in one pool helped with large project plan templates that we are using.


But I hear our project team may be revisiting the Staffing profile process so here's hoping they see things differently this time as we are now experiencing some of the limitations of now following a system process for making task assignments.


Please let me know if you have any other information or suggestions that we may be able to use.

Thanks much.




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Re: Using Generic Resources on Workplan Template/Multiple managers of Pool


Since we not pursue using Staffing Profiles for our resource/assignment process we know that limits us with how to manage assignments.  Our Project Management team is currently reviewing the Staffing options again. 


We may experiment with overriding the Assignment controls but not sure what other impacts that could open us up for but thank you for this suggestion.


We just wanted to know if we were missing any functionality around these 'generic resources' we want to use, and appreciate you pointing out the Staffing Profile option.



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