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Urgent: Passing Value to a Page from Portlet

Dominic Almeida
Respected Contributor.

Urgent: Passing Value to a Page from Portlet

Hi All,

I know how the "Drill down to Portlet" and "Hyperlink Source" in the Portlet definition works, but this is something different.

I have created a page called as

"Program Details"
this page lists four portlets
1) Projects of Program
2) Risks of Program
3) Issues of Program
4) Scope Changes Of Program

now I need to pass "Program ID" to this page so that all the four portlets take that value and display the data.

Can anybody help me on the please?

Reason for doing this
The current OOTB Program details page in
PPM 7.5 display the list of the projects of the programs which are not sortable

I need to add some more columns, and remove some columns from the Project of Program listing from this page

Currently, I guess PPM 7.5 doesn't support any such functionality, and I donno why.

regards - Dom

Hameed Hussain
Trusted Contributor.

Re: Urgent: Passing Value to a Page from Portlet


believe me its very easy.

I have done this. First of all, there is no need to create a new "Page".

All, what you have to do its,

go to field drill down and add whatever portlets (you want part of that page) into it and add field mappings.

(if you put 5 portlets in a drill-down, then all 5 will be shown by PPM in single page, so making a page is taken cared automatically, you just worry about making relation of portlets)

like what you mentioned, its child entities of Program so the field mapping will be

PROGRAM_ID of Programs Portlet
to PROGRAM_ID of Projects/Risks/Issues...

I hope you got my point..
and this would help you.