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Upgrade 6.1-->7.1: Assesment report question

Alexei Malinovs
Respected Contributor.

Upgrade 6.1-->7.1: Assesment report question

We executed Upgrade Assesment Report and got 3 different reports out of it.
Question 1:
I have one question though. Reading this forum people were stating that one of the problems was orphan Project plans = Project plans without the Request associated with them. And I got an understanding that Upgrade Assesment report will indicate that we have orphan Project Plans that we DO have in the database. But in reality Assesment report has no information about this issue. Now I start wondering how people even come up with idea of fixing orphan project plans before the upgrade?

Question 2:
Although Assesment Report is indeed useful to understand what WILL BRAKE AFTER upgrade I do not find it useful to understand what is already broken in 6.0 and must be fixed BEFORE upgrade. Is it supposed to be so or I'm missing something from the report?

Sascha Mohr
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Re: Upgrade 6.1-->7.1: Assesment report question

If I remember correctly (maybe someone can confirm) is it just a warning that there are orphan workplans; the upgrade will create requests for them. So no action needed there.
To your second question: all issues reported that are classified as errors must be fixed before the upgrade, otherwise the upgrade process will not succeed. Everything classified as a warning won't stop the upgrade but you should closely revise them. There should be an impact description for each. Decide for yourself if you need to take any action for these issues before the upgrade.
What we ended up with was a collection of sql statements we ran before the upgrade, prepared packages with data sources and portlet definitions etc. that take the modified data model into account and some other modified customizations.