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Updating projects using a new workflow

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Updating projects using a new workflow

Hi everyone,


Customer's question:


We recently created a new workflow in our development environment and migrated it to Production.

We’d like to sync the existing projects in Production using the new workflow.  

Is there a way to have the current projects migrate to the new workflow

while their project life cycles remain in the same stage ?




Erik Cole
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Re: Updating projects using a new workflow

I think this is do-able, if you're careful. You can make the Workflow field editable to admin, and then go to the requests and change the workflow value to the new workflow and save. This drops the requests into the "first" step of the new workflow. If you do them in groups based on current step, and in the workbench change the "first step" value according to where you need them to land, you could probably get them synced, then change the "first step" back to the real first step.