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Updating e-mail field for all users

Calvin KS Cheun
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Updating e-mail field for all users

Our company has undergone some name changes, as a result the naming convention of email addresses have changed.

I've devised of a SQL script to update all users' email addresses to the new naming scheme, is it safe to execute such a script on the KNTA_USERS table? Is there any other table I need to make sure is changes as well?

Script is something along the line of using this to replace EMAIL_ADDRESS:


Erik Cole
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Re: Updating e-mail field for all users

I don't see any issues with this, I would do it. But I would back up the knta_users table first, just-in-case, and because it is so easy to do.

You will also want to update the table's last_update_date & last_updated_by fields in order to avoid any caching issues (unless you plan to restart, but I would update them anyway).

You might also want to double-check for any notifications that could potentially send reminders (select * from KNTA_NOTIF_TXN_DETAILS where REMINDER_DATE > sysdate), and update the e-mail addresses for those in KNTA_NOTIF_TXN_RECIPIENTS so they also go to the new domain.

Also, check your default system e-mail address in server.conf. That's all I can think of, hope this helps.