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Updating Budget Values from Backend

Abdullah Rafiq
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Updating Budget Values from Backend

Our client wanted an automated way of updating actuals for a budget. To achieve this I wrote some code that updates the KCST_CURRENCY_CELLS table which stores the actuals for a cell value in a budget.

Please find attached the PL/SQL code that I have written which updates the KCST_CURRENCY_CELLS table with the new cost information (only ACTUALS are updated via the script). I also update the KCST_BUDGETS, KCST_BUDGET_LINES, KCST_BUDGET_LINE_CELLS, KCST_BUDGET_PERIOD_SUM, KCST_CURRENCY_LINES tables with LAST_UPDATE_DATE and ENTITY_LAST_UPDATE_DATE with the SYSDATE at the time of execution of the script.

The script is executed automatically via a request type I have created called 'Delphi Update Budgets' (available in the dev environment). It goes through all new information and updates the tables mentioned above and then commits the changes to the database and then follows up with the command 'ksc_flush_cache budgets'.

When I log into PPM I open the budget and am able to see the newly updated values in the budget page. All the budgets that we are updating are associated to projects in the tool which have Financial Management enabled. When I browse to the Project Overview page for a budget that was updated via the script I see that that the cost information has not been updated and the Cost Health hasn't been recalculated either. So at this time ... the Project Overview Page and the Budget page are displaying different informations for actual cost.

The manual solution I found for this was to open the budget and select 'Modify Budget' and then WITHOUT making any changes click on 'SAVE'. The 'SAVE' button triggers some code to be executed which in return updates the information on the Project Overview page and the Cost Health information is also recalculated. And this is my problem - I am not able to automatically update the Project Overview page nor have the Project Cost Health updated automatically.

During my quest in figuring out the problem I noticed that the KCST_CURRENCY_LINES table does not update the information until the 'SAVE' button is selected and I believe that this is the table from which the Project Overview page is querying the information for cost. My guess was that there is some database package/procedure or trigger that would update the necessary rows in this table from an 'update' but this does not seem to be the case.

Does anyone have any idea or suggestions on where I can look to identify a solution or know the solution?

I have already looked at triggers and browsed through database packages but wasn't able to fidn anything promising.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Sascha Mohr
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Re: Updating Budget Values from Backend

Hello Abdullah,
we are planning to get cost informtation from an ERP as well (using the ppm web service interface preferably) but this seems to be a big problem.
Have you tried to change the server.conf parameter com.kintana.core.server.COST_ROLLUP_INTERVAL_MINUTES to a value less than 6 hours? Maybe setting this to a few minutes you could find out, if this service does the right thing.
Abdullah Rafiq
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Re: Updating Budget Values from Backend


I was able to create a procedure that updates the kcst_budget_period_sum and kcst_currency_lines tables for the related budgets which resolved the issue.

These tables may automatically be updated if you're using webservices as I think this is updated from the JSP side.