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Unnamed Headcount - Automatic creation

Deepak Bhattad
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Unnamed Headcount - Automatic creation



We are on PPM version 8.02.


We have a requirement wherein we would like to automate the process of unnamed headcount creation in a resource pool. The requirement is to create unnamed headcount at a certain stage in a workflow automatically based on the details on the request form.


We have tried to create the unnamed headcount by inserting rows in the RSC_RESOURCES table. The issue with this is that when we try and create users in the system from the workbench we get a unique constraint error. After certain analysis we found that the issue was that the system creates a resource in the resource table while adding a user in the KNTA-Users table and there the user id which needs to be unique is found to be duplicated.


Is anybody aware of what should be the resource id for creating unnamed headcount? The RSC_RESOURCES table does not have a sequence and hence not sure how do you generate sequence numbers here.


Any help is much appreciated.


Erik Cole
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Re: Unnamed Headcount - Automatic creation

Hey Deepak,


I think both KNTA_USERS and RSC_RESOURCES use knta_users_s as the sequence because in RSC_RESOURCES both resource_id and user_id have the same values, unless it is unnamed which case user_id is null.