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Uninstall the Content Server 6.5 SP1

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Uninstall the Content Server 6.5 SP1

We are using HP's Documentum 6.5 SP1 bundle with their Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) Center 8.02 software. The Content Server is being uninstalled on a physical W2K3 SP2 Standard Edition Server.

I am trying to uninstall the Content Server 6.5 SP1. This is what I have done and the problem that has been encountered.

1. Uninstalled Index Agent via Index Agent Configuration Program.

2. Uninstalled Index Agent via Add / Remove Programs.

3. Uninstalled Index Server via Add / Remove Programs.

4. Uninstalled repository via Documentum Server Manager.

5. Uninstalled docbroker via Documentum Server Manager.

Then, I tried to remove the Content Server via the Add / Remove Programs. I got
"The installer has detected that the local machine has a newer version of the server already installed. Installation cannot continue.; For more detailed information, see the error log: D:\Documentum\_uninst\Server2\setupError.log"

What I did then is rename the uninstall.ini (appears to be Documentum 5.3) in D:\Documentum\_uninst\Server2 and copied the uninstall.ini (Documentum 6.5?) to the same directory from D:\Documentum\_uninst\Server. This got me past the above error. Then, the Content Server appeared to hang. The cmd.exe process owned by the installation owner was not consuming any CPU via Task Manager. Finally, I used Task Manager to kill the uninstall.

Is there a manual way to force the uninstall via registry, deleting directories, etc?

Any suggestions?

ANy help with this regards is greatly appreciated