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Unable to proceed with PPM 9.10 installation

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Unable to proceed with PPM 9.10 installation

Hi, i am new to HP PPM and i am trying to install PPM Center and i am encountering problems..


I am at the 'Regional Settings' screen where i am being asked for a default calendar... on the dropdown list, the pro defined values (US, Singapore, etc.) does not apply to my requirment so i choose 'None'.. then enter currency and company name as region name...


issue is, at next screen, it requires me to provide a system calendar name... (default value is 'US') but it does not seem to accept any value i put in... even the default value 'US' is not accepted.


but  when i try to select a default calendar from previous screen, let's say singapore, installation continues... but i dont want to do the installation wrongly...


I need help on this please.



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Re: Unable to proceed with PPM 9.10 installation

You can proceed with the defualt Region and Calander settings....


later on once the installtion is completed then you can modify this default settings...



Utkarsh Mishra

Utkarsh Mishra

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