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Unable to open the workbench in Chrome

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Unable to open the workbench in Chrome

I am trying to get PPM to run in Chrome as our company is making that their default browser.

I am running into an issue in that the workbench will not open.

Every time I attempt to open it I get the same message:


I download the Java (even though it is waaaaaay out of date with everything else in the world) and install it with no apparent issues.  But when I try to open the workbench again.... I get the exact same response.


I am running PPM 9.14 and currently have, in addition to this 1.6.0_7 installed, also have 1.7.0_21.

Can I somehow point the PPM App to the 1.6.0 install?


Thanks for the help!


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Re: Unable to open the workbench in Chrome

Search for Java Plug-in extension for chorme. IE automatically adds it when you open workbench for first time.

Utkarsh Mishra

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Re: Unable to open the workbench in Chrome

Thanks Utkarsh, but I have ensured that Chrome has the plug-in installed.

This seems to be a much bigger issue that just with PPM as there are many forums throughout the web related to Chrome not sensing the Java installation.

I was hoping somebody else had already run into this and discovered a solution.

Is there anyone else out there running PPM from Chrome?

Here is what i have on my chrome://plugins page: