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Unable to launch Workbench using "Open Workbench on Desktop"

Shravan Kathuri
Honored Contributor.

Unable to launch Workbench using "Open Workbench on Desktop"

We have PPM 7.1 and we are trying to open Workbench through the link "Open Workbench on Desktop". But it is unable to open and giving error message like

An error occurred while launching/running the application.

Title: HP Project and Portfolio Management Workbench
Vendor: HP
Category: Download Error

Unable to load resource: ....../workbench.jnlp

Can anyone tell me how can i resolve this problem.

Shravan kumar.K
Darshan Bavisi
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Unable to launch Workbench using "Open Workbench on Desktop"

Hi Shravan,

To make a couple of initial checks,

Do you have the admin access on the machine you are trying to open the workbench? If not, then ask your network admin to either give you temporary admin access on your machine or ask the network admin to login to your machine and then login to PPM and use option 'Open Workbench on Desktop'. This will install several Jar files on your local machine and other supporting files that will allow to open Workbench directly without logging into the html interface.

This option downloads a different set of files into a different directory area, than when you choose the option 'Open Workbench', that simply refers to the JRE on your local machine. For the 'Open Workbench on Desktop' option, it installs from the PPM server itself various jar files including the knta_client.jar, etc. that it needs to run Workbench without the html interface.