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Unable to Run 'buildear' command from PPM

Deepali Gupta
Valued Contributor.

Unable to Run 'buildear' command from PPM

I am connecting to a windows machine & running a build script there.
I have installed Cygwin on Windows with SSH enabled.

The build script in turn executes a Tibco 'buildear' command.The buildear fails to execute, however comes out with 0 status.

When i login to the windows machine & into cygwin bash, and run the same script there, the command works.

The script is able to execute other windows specific commands through PPM.

Is there any specific setting required for this?

Arun Mohapatra
New Member.

Re: Unable to Run 'buildear' command from PPM

Ask Jeeva.He may help you out..
TTRB Pradeep
Frequent Contributor.

Re: Unable to Run 'buildear' command from PPM

Hi Deepali

Try this solution

1)Modify the PATH environment variable of Windoes machin
2)Right click on My Computer and select Properties
3)Click on Advanced tab
4)click on Evironment variables tab
5)EDIT PATH variable so that it point to bin directory of installed Cygwin


Please let me know if it works

Thanks & Best Regards
Pradeep TTRB
Deepali Gupta
Valued Contributor.

Re: Unable to Run 'buildear' command from PPM

Thanks Pradeep.
I was able to resolve this issue.

The problem was multiple unix emulators running on the Windows Server â Cygwin, MKS and one more. This probably caused conflicts in the ssh settings on the server.

I uninstalled and removed all the emulators, Reinstalled Cygwin and it works now.

Thank you so much for your suggestions though!