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Unable to Open Environment Setup

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Greg Sliva
Regular Collector

Unable to Open Environment Setup

Having an issue where a few of our Environment Setups will not open through the Environments Workbench. When selecting the environment and clicking Open, nothing happens. Has anyone experienced this and is their a solution?

Re: Unable to Open Environment Setup

Do you have the PeopleSoft Extension? We had the same issue, and it was due to the PeopleSoft Extension being partially enabled and partially disabled. We have since disabled and are now using the User Data fields, but I also was able to get everything working again with the PeopleSoft Extension. I have instructions for both, if you think this is also the issue you are seeing.
Greg Sliva
Regular Collector

Re: Unable to Open Environment Setup

We are not using the PeopleSoft Extention, but rather we are using the Oracle Extentions. I would be interested in how you resolved this and possibly my issues is somehow related.

Re: Unable to Open Environment Setup

Here is the option I used to completely disable:
Remove the values in the kacc_accelerators table. For us it was all values, since only PeopleSoft Accelerator listed. Also remove the values in the kacc_plug_tabs table. For us it was again all values, since only PeopleSoft Accelerator-related pages listed here. We then setup the Environment User Data fields and are using those instead of the PeopleSoft Extension tab.

Here are the steps I used to re-enable the PeopleSoft Accelerator:

Copy all files in directory /deploy/710/PeopleSoft

Copy file "peoplesoft.jar" to following directory on each Application Server:

Execute following SQLs included in 710 version:

Following are additional SQLs I created:

KINS_DEPLOYMENTS.sql is as follows:

INSERT INTO kins_deployments(deployment_id, version, deployed_date, description)
VALUES ('PeopleSoft', '750', TO_DATE('2009-02-12 08:31:00', 'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS'), 'PeopleSoft_Extension');

KACC_ACCELERATORS.sql is as follows:

UPDATE kacc_accelerators SET version = '7.5.0' WHERE ACCELERATOR_NAME = 'PeopleSoft';

KNTA_VALIDATIONS.sql are the validations related to the PeopleSoft Extension tab:
'PeopleSoft Database Type - ALL'
'PeopleSoft Environment Type'
'PeopleSoft Version'

Hope one of the two options above helps or points you in the right direction.
Surendra Poosar
Frequent Visitor

Re: Unable to Open Environment Setup


If you have any password fields in the User Data section of the Environment clear them thru the Database and try to open the environment. This could solve the issue.

Greg Sliva
Regular Collector

Re: Unable to Open Environment Setup

The solution provided in the forum has resolved this issue.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event