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Unable to Close All Tasks in a Project Work Plan

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Unable to Close All Tasks in a Project Work Plan

We have a work plan where all the leaf tasks (i.e., Detailed tasks) have a status of Completed or Cancelled.  However, some of the summary tasks are still marked Active.  In other words, it looks like the status from the underlining tasks did not roll up to their Summary tasks.  The project is not integrated with PPM; and is fully PPM controlled.


What would cause this issue to occur, so we can avoid it in the future?    For example, if you close all tasks in a work plan, and then close the project before the rollup service has a chance to complete, might that cause the issue?  I had assumed not, or we would have seen the problem more frequently.  


Also, how can we fix the work plan so that the rollups occur and the summary tasks close?  The project itself is closed, so we are not able to edit the work plan any longer.  Nor can we re-Save a task to force a rollup (by adding the project to the itg_Pending_rollups table from the front end).




Re: Unable to Close All Tasks in a Project Work Plan

We've run into the same problem even thru our current version of 9.32.002.  Here are steps on how to fix it BEFORE the project closes (after this I've provided what HPE SW Support provided me):

1.  Outdent all the tasks underneath the summary task so that the summary task becomes a normal task.

2.  Indent all the tasks again underneath the summary task.  The summary task should now have either 'Complete' or 'Canceled' as the status and no longer shows as 'Active'.

Here's what HPE SW Support provided me (see the italics below) with how to get the Work Plan on a CLOSED or CANCELED project to no longer show as Active (we haven't tried this yet due to other priorities):

1.  (This one we did not try because we wanted to keep the original closure date).  The best way to close the workplan from a closed project is to add a “reopen” step in the workflow of these projects, this way you can reopen it and close the workplan and then close the project again.

2.  SQL script: (We haven't tried this yet)

update wp_task_info set status=6 where task_info_id = (select task_info_id from wp_tasks where task_id = 38300) 

-- Replace with the workplan's root  task id



It’s useful for this you are looking for, as it only changes status of top task but it does not matter whether you mark the child tasks to be Complete or not, they will not show up in timesheet to log time. Because PPM only looks at the root level task status, since it is Complete, then all tasks below will not show up in timesheet.


If you have found another way, please share it.  Thanks!


Erik Cole
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Re: Unable to Close All Tasks in a Project Work Plan

Never thought about indenting....when this happens to me, I usually re-open one of the leaf tasks > save > re-close > save and it makes the root task re-calculate it's status...

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event