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URL for attachments?

B Swanson
Regular Collector

URL for attachments?

Does anyone know if there is a URL you can use to access attachments?

Specifically, users want to be able to attach a graphic file (.gif, .jpg) and then we need to be able to display that graphic directly from a URL.

Erik Cole
Honored Contributor

Re: URL for attachments?

Are you intending to e-mail people the URL or something? After adding an attachment, you can right-click the link and hit "Save Link As..." (or the IE equivalent) to paste it somewhere else.
Alexandru Saven
Regular Collector

Re: URL for attachments?

the whole point is to restrict the attachments added via the workflow through the PPM security model.

you can implement a workaround and have a folder which is accessible via the jboss (similar to the downloads area), but I would really NOT recommend this.

B Swanson
Regular Collector

Re: URL for attachments?

Here is more detail on what I am trying to do...

Users want to be able to add a graphic to the request form and then display that graphic on the form. I have successfully been able to put a Text field on my form, put a URL to a .jpg or .gif file and use a second field to display that picture directly on the request form.

Now, the problem becomes how to provide a location within the tool to upload new grpahics for display so they can be stored and displayed. That is why I asked about attachments... it would be great if I could put an attachment field on the form for people to upload a graphic. Then display that graphic via the URL in another field on the request type.

I know this could work if we had an external web-based repository to put graphics, but we don't. Was hoping I could do it using attachments.

Re: URL for attachments?


I havn't tried it, but it can work with standard attachment fields.
But you have to take into account somethings:
1. Name of files uploaded to the attachment dir changed to _
2. files are stored in sub dirs of the attachment dir.
The sub dirs correspondend to the las to digits of the fiels
3. is stored in knta_references after saving a request.
4. On PPM 7.5 you need a rule fired on saving of request to create the link in the new field
You need for this the token of attachment dir ([AS.ATTACHMENT_DIRNAME]), the sequenz_id (parameter2 field of knta_references where source_id = ), file name (visible_parameter2 of knta_references), sub dir (substring of parameter2), and the base URL of PPM[AS.BASE_URL]
5. On PPM 7.1 or earlier you need something
B Swanson
Regular Collector

Re: URL for attachments?

I am on PPM 7.1... the rest of part 5 seemed to get cut off

Re: URL for attachments?


Part 5 was just to say that you need someting to trigger the event "save of request" or a rule fired on field change with a SQL like SELECT 'TEXT','TEXT' FROM DUAL
and TEXT contains the complete URL.
You can build TEXT with '[AS.BASE_URL] || [OTHER_NEEDED_TOKEN]'...

Hope it helps

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event