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UI-rules problems

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UI-rules problems

If you´re using the built in UI-rule for hiding fields it starts to look not Ok if you hide a lot of fields. You will get a lot of white space in the Request Type between the fields that are left. Is there anyway to have the request type to re-arrange itself when the UI-rule for hiding fields are fired? A workaround would be if it is possible via a rule to minimize a section (containing the fields that are going to be hidden) in the request type.
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Re: UI-rules problems


i don't now any way to re-arrage the fields but you can copy the collapseSection function to the RequestRulesUserLibrary.js file and use it in an UI Rule on field change in the request(e.g. collapseSection('EC_SUBSECTION_EC_REQUEST_HEADER_2')

So if a field gets changed the section with your fields gets collapsed. The only thing you need to know is the correct section name.