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UI Rule issue

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UI Rule issue

Hello All,


We have upgraded PPM 9.14 to 9.20 and as per Release Notes Limitation mentioned as  'If a field is set to "Display = No" or invisible by status dependency, you can not make it visible on the web UI by using UI rules.' How this can be fixed? Is anyone implemented custom solution. Please provide your help/suggestion on this.


The above limitation is even not fixed in 9.30 as per Release Notes documentation.





Occasional Advisor

Re: UI Rule issue

You are right, If the status dependency of a field is marked as Visible = ‘No’, we can’t make field to visible with UI rule. Instead of this we can set the field as visible in the status dependency setting and hide the field by using UI rules in all cases other than where you can to make it available in the UI.


The feasibility of this approach is depending on the business case for which the field needs to be displayed. I guess ‘execute on Page Load ‘rule will work in this scenario and please make sure to set both positive and negative UI rules. You might have to set value for a hidden field from workflow step on statuses for which the field needs to be available and use this field as rule trigger in Page Load.




Re: UI Rule issue


I dont think it has anything related to your upgrade. You will not be able to display a field using UI rule when they are invisible or display is set to 'No'

You will have to make the fields editable and visible on all the statuses and then control the field visibility and editablity using UI rule i.e. reverse engineering :)



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event