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Truncated PPM Notification after PPM 9.22 Upgrade

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Truncated PPM Notification after PPM 9.22 Upgrade

We just upgraded from PPM 9.14 to PPM 9.22.

We had few users received incomplete notification from PPM demand workflow. The notification worked fine in PPM9.14, with standard HTML and PPM tokens. After 9.22 upgrade, some users received truncated email, whereas other user have no issue at all for the same email.

We are using MS Outlook 2010.

Anybody has this problem?

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Re: Truncated PPM Notification after PPM 9.22 Upgrade

Hi DanielJiang,


I found a defect related your issue.


Defect: QCCR1L14855

The following was used as a workaround:
(NOTE: Any changes to PROD environment must be done in a STAGE environment; backup any files/objects that are changed incase they need to be restored)


1. Make a backup of "knta_notification.plb".

2. Search for the following code:

IF (l_parent_text_len < MAX_NOTIFICATION_SIZE) THEN
l_body := dbms_lob.substr(l_parent_text, 8500, 1);
l_body := dbms_lob.substr(l_parent_text, 8500, 1);

3. If found, replace the code with the following (in "knta_notification.plb"):, l_parent_text_len, 1, l_body);


Hope it helps.



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