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Trouble with Tokens

Katy Cabral
Respected Contributor.

Trouble with Tokens


I am using the ksc_copy_request command, I have the "copy tokens" set to Yes, but some fields are not being copied on the new request.

My token names are the same, and my validations are the same. Can anyone suggest something i am missing? Does the storage need to be the same?
Semenov Alexand
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Re: Trouble with Tokens

Hi Katy.
Try to set same storge parameters.
I think it's can help you.
Good Luck.
Mahen M
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Re: Trouble with Tokens

Yes.... Storage could be a issue, What is the datatype of the field which is not moving?

Check whether you have set any defaults for that field in both the new and old requests.

Mahendran M
Jyotir ++
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Re: Trouble with Tokens

Hi Katy,

If you want to copy fields from parent to child request, please check following things:

1.You can copy Request header field and Field group fields to only Request header secition .Simillarly Detail section fields are copied in to Detail section but can't be copied to Header section.

2.Validation and Parameters should be same for both the Request Types.

If you want to copy field of header section to detail section or vice versa you need to use script for that.

Hope this will help you.