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Trouble displaying long Task Descriptions

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Trouble displaying long Task Descriptions

In a Project Work Plan, when I open up a Task's Details (for example, by double clicking on a work plan Task), under the task Name, there is a "Description" field.  


We would like to use this field to provide a more detailed description of what the task is.   The field seems to support enough characters to allow us to enter the necessary information (i.e., over 200 characters).


However, I see no way to display my full text once I enter it.  The text is long, and scrolling a few words at a time is not sufficient.   I was not able to find a way to do the following:


1) Increase the layout size of the field displayed on the Task Details screen to display multiple lines.  


2) Add the column to my work plan (thinking I could hover over the text to display the full text), but the column was not available for adding.


Has anyone found a reasonable way of using the Description for longer text that I missed?




We are using 9.14.002, but are working on upgrading to 9.31.