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Trigger a 'Save' from workflow?

Karla K
New Member.

Trigger a 'Save' from workflow?

I have a workflow that does date validations to make sure they fall within certain guidelines. The first check often errors out even though the date entered fits the established guidelines. If you hit continue on the message, it will pass the date validation step after the second try.

So, I think the date is not saved to the database in time to be checked by the validation step this first time. Which brings me to my question: is there a way to force a 'Save' from a workflow step before the date validation step?

Happy to entertain any responses or suggestions. Thanks!
Erik Cole
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Re: Trigger a 'Save' from workflow?

Hi Karla,

How exactly are you doing your validation (sql execution?) and what error are you getting when you say it "errors out"?