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Translation Tools

Sascha Mohr
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Translation Tools

Has anybody started to use the MLU features of PPM 8? We're searching for an easy to use translation tool that enables non-technical users to do translations. For those users editing .properties files directly is not suitable.
We tried Open Language Tools and a tool called Attesoro but were not to happy with those.
Richard Hawes
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Re: Translation Tools

I've not yet seen anyone using tools to manage the translation of the Properties files that the MLU utilities export from PPM 8.0.

I'm not sure how sophisticated a tool you are looking for but within HP we use Trados as a professional tool for managing product translations. That way you can use glossary features, track changes etc.

I've not looked at them but there are open source tools out there too. I found a good (but old) discussion of these at the link below.

Trados link:

Open source link:

If you find a good tool and make use of it with PPM please let us know by posting back to this forum.