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Transfer hours between projects

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Transfer hours between projects

I am very new to using HP PPM and within the organisation a number of projects had been run at a "high level" and as such contained a large number of hours.
Where this has been the case, thankfully an exception as opposed to the norm, there has been a review of the projects which functionally roll up to the high level and these have been created as separate projects within PPM.
The request is to now transfer the hours from the high level to the projects.
Is it possible to transfer en-masse, hours from one project to another?
A previous attempt had allowed a credit of hours to deal with these, but it has been limited to 45 hours per week per individual and I need to transfer circa 4,000 hours to 3 newly created projects.
Appreciate any help that can be offered on this.
If there is an alternative solution - I would be happy to hear this too
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Re: Transfer hours between projects

As I understand this, when team members log their timesheets against certain projects - this time gets attached to the project's workplan and then to the financial summary and is used to calculate all kinds of costs.


Because the time that is logged is linked to a specific task in the work plan of a specifc project, it cannot be linked to a different project.


Transferring "hours" to another project would mean not following this OOB process. I don't think there is a way to do this. If there is, I would be very interested in hearing it.


Alternatively, if you only want this to change the way you see the finances in the projects, you can try to manually edit the cost line information for labor costs within the financial summaries. Note: this does not transfer the hours, just makes it look like the money charged to those hours got transferred.

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Re: Transfer hours between projects

Hi Karan


Thank you for your reply


We have just been in the test environment and the functionality to only apply ±47 per person, per week appears to have been refreshed to allow ±500 hours to be added.


As this is to be utilised in situations where pre-programme spend needs to be allocated retrospectively to newer project elements, it gives us the ability to ensure we record all hours as soon as they are incurred as opposed to waiting for the projects to come online.


Once again - appreciate the feedback from you