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Too many logs

Cris Robin
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Too many logs

My server keep crashing because of logs.

The PPM create so many logs that the server space keep running out. I am talking about more then 500k a day.

I am working on ppm 7.1.


The debbug level set to "No debugging information".

What else can it be?



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Re: Too many logs

Check you logging.conf file in <PPM_HOME>/conf directory and make sure that most of the entities are set to "ERROR" or "OFF"


Also check this parameter and set it to 250


com.kintana.core.logging.ROTATE_LOG_SIZE = 250KB


Also check your log files, if any specific error is getting repeated agian and again. If so then try to resolve.

Utkarsh Mishra

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Jim Esler
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Re: Too many logs

What kind of log files are you referring to? Are these server logs ($ITG_HOME/server/<server_name>/log/serverLog*.txt> or request/deploy/validation/etc logs in the BASE_LOG_DIR directory?