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Token Mapping in Database.

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Token Mapping in Database.

I wanted to know is there any mapping of the tokens which is being used in the request type field with any table in the database. I mean, for the token which is being used is there any table in the kintana database where the token and its associated parameters like batch number, parameter value, validations etc being stored.

Please help me with any such table if ppl know....
Devin Rosenbaue
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Re: Token Mapping in Database.


Token to value mapping is actually fairly complex to allow for enormous flexibility of database tables.

Token names themselves are part of a "parameter set", which is stored in knta_parameter_set_fields (KPSF). This maps a token name to a parameter# field using the parameter_token, batch_number, and parameter_column_number fields.

This is mapped to a user data parameter set context in knta_parameter_set_contexts.

Request types stored in kcrt_request_types specify a parameter set context with the field user_data_set_context_id.

The parameter field in KPSF.parameter_column_number maps to the number of a parameter# field in kcrt_request_details. (Note that KPSF also has a batch_number which maps to a RD batch_number.)

You will probably also want to join the entity_id in "contexts" to an entity_id in knta_entities, and make sure that the entity_name is 'Request Type'.

Also note that the token name does not have an object specified, as in REQD.P.SOME_TOKEN_NAME. It's just SOME_TOKEN_NAME in KPSF.

- Devin