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Token Based Email Notification

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Token Based Email Notification



I am trying to implement a user defined token based email notification sending.  My workflow step security is configured based on  a user defined token wherein the value of that token is based on the 'Assigned to' Value from a previous workflow step...


The user defined token [REQ.P.CAP_PM] which captures '[REQ.ASSIGNED_TO_USER_ID]','[REQ.ASSIGNED_TO_NAME]' values.  I need to send e-mail notification based on this token...


I tried configuring a notification based on user defined token using  [REQ.P.CAP_PM] but i always get a returned mail message from PPM.


How do i do this?



Please let me know if you need screenshots or need me to explain further...


Thanks in advance!



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Re: Token Based Email Notification

you are trying to send a notification based on field changes? if so you can use ootb assinged to token in request type notifications tab, if not you need to configure in workflow
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Re: Token Based Email Notification

Hello Kerim,


I am using user defined tokens for my workflow security and not based on the 'Assigned To' field directly for certain workflow steps... What i do is i capture the 'Assigned To' value and put it in a hidden field via rule.  Then i use the value stored in the hidden field by using user defined token in my workflow security. 


I need to send e-mail notification to the same users defined in my workflow security identified by user defined token.

Jim Esler
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Re: Token Based Email Notification

When you create the notification on the workflow step that has the user defined token specified for step security, click the button labeled 'Copy Security' to set the recipient value. The recipient value can be configured manually at this point but this is easier and will set up the recipient entry properly, assuming the security setting is working.

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Re: Token Based Email Notification

Got it Working!  Thanks Jim!

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event