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Time Sheet Performance Issue

Jyotir ++
Super Contributor.

Time Sheet Performance Issue

Hello All,

We are experiencing performance issue on Time sheet load/save/submit action.. Time sheet page takes more than 20 sec to load the page.

Please advice if you have come across this kind of issue.

Any kind of help would be really appreciated.


Brian Potts_1
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Re: Time Sheet Performance Issue

We have found a direct correlation between the number of items in a time sheet and the amount of time needed to load/save/submit that time sheet. Many users leave items with no time recorded in their time sheets becuase they anticipate recording time to them sometime in the future. They don't realize that a) these unused items still result in additional database rows that need to be processed every time their time sheet is accessed, and b) the "Add from My Items/Suggested Items" can quickly find items they have previously had in a time sheet or they are assigned to. We strongly encourage our users to only have items in their time sheets that they actually record time to.