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Time Sheet - HP PPM 7.5 SP 6

Super Collector

Time Sheet - HP PPM 7.5 SP 6

Hi All,

I am new to PPM, please help on this.

Users were receiving email alerts for the time sheet due date (i.e,on every friday). From the last couple of weeks email notification is missing. Please advice How and where to find the root cause?

Thanks in advance,
victoria loft

Re: Time Sheet - HP PPM 7.5 SP 6

I too would like to know the answer...ourr notifications are missing as well. the reports complete, but email is not sent.

Re: Time Sheet - HP PPM 7.5 SP 6

Some things to check:

Is the Time Sheet Notifications Service still running? Can check in Workbench via
Sys Admin ---> Server Tools ---> Service Controller Report.

Has email server location changed recently? If so, the server.conf file needs to be updated to reflect the changes. If not, have the people who manage the email server take a look to see if any of the mails are stuck there.

Have any of the following config items been changed or "turned off" recently? EMAIL_NOTIFICATION_CHECK_INTERVAL , TURN_ON_NOTIFICATIONS, ENABLE_TIME_SHEET_NOTIFICATIONS_SERVICE,

Has the Time Sheet Policy or its notifications changed recently? Check policy and notifications via Workbench ---> Sys Admin ---> Time Sheet Policies ---> Notifications.

Check the Resource Time Management Settings for the some of the impacted resources. There is a "Do not send this resource time sheet notifications" option on the Time Management Tab for a Resource. See if this is checked.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event