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Time Management service internal error since HP PPM 9.22

Daniel Gülzow
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Time Management service internal error since HP PPM 9.22



Since months I use my own iPhone App to record efforts spent on projects and tasks. From time to time I synchronize these efforts with HP PPM Time Sheets using the HP PPM REST API.


Since I installed SP 2 for HP PPM 9.2 the transfer of efforts from my app to HP PPM (creation of a new time sheet) fails with the following error message:


<message>Time Management service internal error.</message>
java.sql.SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("ITGUSER"."TM_TIME_SHEETS"."ITG_ACTIVITIES_REQUIRED_FLAG")


As you can see, I am using JSON Documents as data representation within HTTP Request's Body.


I could imagine, that this error is a result of a bug in HP PPM's REST API, when parsing data represented in JSON. Maybe this error does not come up with XML data representation. But, I would like to avoid to redesign my app in order to support XML data representation.


Did anyone face this kind of error, too?


Any help would be appreciated.





Btw: The JSON document for creating a new time sheet is attached to this message.