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Time Management Questions

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Time Management Questions


We have been using time management for a year now, but would like to change/add the following.

1. We would like to change the start/End Day from 'Sunday - Saturday' to 'Monday - Sunday'. Would just updating the tables and regenerating the time periods be fine, or could this mingle to some issues later?Has anyone done this change before.

2. We want to add a custom notifaction for some users to fill time sheet on First of every month, based on some logic. I am aware that this is not supported out of the Box. One way that I am thinking is to write a report and schedule it by sending Email Notifcations( Disadvantage being that the data needs to be inserted in tables manually) , and the other is to have a workflow with a timeout step, sending the notification.

Any Help/suggestions on the questions are appreciated.

Thanks for all your help.
Semenov Alexand
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Re: Time Management Questions

Hi Lizabeth.
1.If you need change start/end date you can change it in Region setting.
Good Luck
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Re: Time Management Questions


I do not think I understand your answer, where in the Region should this be reflected.

Matthew Dufresn
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Re: Time Management Questions

Hi Lizabeth,

For version 7.x you need to update your period types to reflect a new start date for your weekly time period. To do this use the following SQL commands:

SQL> UPDATE ktmg_period_types
SQL> SET start_day_code = 'MONDAY'
SQL> WHERE duration_code = 'WEEKLY'

you will likely have to regenerate your time periods.

have a look at the Time Management Configuration guide "Configuring Periods and Period Types" for more details.

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Re: Time Management Questions

Thanks Mathew, I was wondering if this would cause any issue to our existing time sheets and particularly reports, since we have had a different start date and end date for a year now, and users are using the same.

Have you ever come across a similar situation.

Thanks again.