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Time Approval Issue

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Time Approval Issue



We have an issue with time approval in PPM.  Currently time is approved by a Resource’s Manager unless the time is charged to a “project”.  If time is charged to a project it is approved by the project manager.  I am not sure how this logic is implemented in PPM.  The issue we have is if a resource charges time to a project and the project manager leaves Company before the time is approved, nobody else can approve the time.


Is there a way to address this in PPM?  For example, could the new project manager be made a delegate for the old project manager that has left, and then the new project manager could approve the time?  When we assign a new project manager should we make some change or edit in PPM so the new project manager can approve any old time?


Please help me on this.




Naveen Kumar.

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Re: Time Approval Issue

Yes adding delgate will allow new PM to approve the timesheets.

Utkarsh Mishra

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Re: Time Approval Issue


Depending the version that you are on, adding the new project manager to the project and having the approvers for timesheets set to the project manager SHOULD work once the evaluate approver service has run and updated the approvers in the database.

For older PPM-versions, either opening the timesheet and / or pressing save on the timesheet by the creating user does the trick as a workaround.


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