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Third Party Reporting

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B Swanson
Super Contributor.

Third Party Reporting


We are looking into third-party reporting tools to use with PPMC 7.1. Does anyone have any experience, pros/cons, issues with any packages in particular (i.e. Crystal Reports, etc)?

Any info would be appreciated!!

Erik Cole
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Third Party Reporting

Hi Brian,

From a forward looking perspective, reporting for PPM 8.0 is supposed to be based on Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.0, with the out of the box reports provided through WEBi. You might want to factor this into your decision making.
Vasily Aksenov
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Re: Third Party Reporting

we use crystal reports (BO XI).
The most of the reports are build on DB tables. Metalayer is not supported by HP for projects and so on.
Mahen M
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Re: Third Party Reporting

We are using SSRS. We manually load the data from Oracle to SQL Server by means of ETL, and we run reports from there SSRS Report Manager. It has many Pro's and Con's, You have do decide whether you are directly going to hit your Oracle Prod or not for reporting.

If you can directly hit then Crystal Reports is good with Oracle Query, I heard Webfocus is also very good.

If you cannot hit PROD, then SSRS(SQL Server 2005) which is reatively much cheaper software.

Mahendran M