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Text Area in a report

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Text Area in a report

I am using a text area field in a  PPM JSP report. It is a simple report where user submit some data entry through report and report show that information in  proper format.


But when i am pasting data from a note pad to text area of report and submitting the report PPM Throwing an error


An unknown error has occurred. For more information, please contact your PPM administrator and provide the following GUID number: GUID=6D49F048-2D9A-B9CE


Does PPM report not support text area or Text area dosnt support mulitiple lines.Please help.

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Re: Text Area in a report

Well PPM reports support "Text Area" field.


The issue might be due to some other reason, can you please share the error logs (server logs) for the same

Utkarsh Mishra

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Re: Text Area in a report

Hi Varun,


We must see log file, but is it possible that the reason invalid characters in the text ? Like TAB char.




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Re: Text Area in a report

Hi Guys,

Thanks for reply..

Issue was i was using the text area 4000.But PPM was not selecting the Parameter number 46 to 50 by Default.

It should either force to select parameter 46 to 50 for 4000 character text area.. or it should by default select those parameters.Looks like bug to me.

yes reports support text areas its cool :)
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event