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Task Notifications

Mike Bartoletti
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Task Notifications

Is there a way in a project to set default notofications? Like "Notify resource before their tasks begin". I have to go into each task and do this and want it as a default for the entire project.
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Re: Task Notifications

Hi Mike,

Notifications that are defined for a summary task apply automatically to all of the summary taskâ s children, though notifications that have been defined directly for a child task
override any notifications set by the parent.


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& PPM Solution Architect
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Re: Task Notifications

Hello Celil, I know this message request was from 2011 so hope you can review and reply, but it relates to a question that has come up for our PPM system also.

So to confirm, if we set the 'task notification' on the top '0' level line of a workplan, all the tasks below will automatically inherit the same notifications?  Invidividual tasks would not have to be updated?

Would this be indicated anywhere as I did a test on a plan by updating the notification on the 0 level but there is nothing to show that all the tasks below have the notification (by reveiwing each task).  So is this just assumed to be done by the system? 


Also do you possibly know of any task configuration or setting in PPM where if 'ANY' task is created, it could have default values set such as 'notify all resources when a task is late'.  Just curious if maybe any new changes or parameters were added to PPM since 2011.    We are now on PPM 9.31.


Do you have any suggestions on how it would be possible to auto-populate certain notification parameters either thru a workflow execution or mass update maybe??


Appreciate your advice/suggestions.  Thanks!


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event