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Task & Notification

Vasily Aksenov
Acclaimed Contributor.

Task & Notification

It is possible to send notifications about requests.
Is it possible to send custom notifications about the task?
For example, i need to get notification when the task is closed in the project.

Rgs, Vasily Askenov
Erik Cole
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Task & Notification


In 7.x when you open a task you can go to the Notifications tab and set semi-custom notifications there. If you set it for a parent-level task, it will propagate to the children.
Darshan Bavisi
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Task & Notification

Hi Vasily,

For requests - Yes, you can send notifications based on the purpose from mainly two ways, (1) workflow notifications and (2) Field value change notification.

The workflow notifications you can configure in the individual workflow step, e.g. when a step becomes eligible for a user or when a step is completed, etc.

The field value change notification you can configure from the request type > notifications tab.

Similarly for tasks, you can setup in workplan template or directly on the workplan or summary task or individual task. If you have a specific task on which notification needs to be sent, then you may setup notification on such task by adding the task in the workplan template itself (or you may already have such task in the workplan template).